Vroom Vroom here come the... raptorwing!

Sunday, 2 May 2010 , Posted by President Evil at 18:27

It's space marine day here at special cases. After much consideration over which codex was best for a marine bike army, i chose the dark angels book. Basically it came down to quality vs quantity. Vanilla marines are cheaper on points, but the ravenwing are better and fit into the theme of my army. I've chosen to make them 'raptor legion' as i like the logo and colourscheme. I intend to model them as jungle scouts, with generous helpings of packs, rolls, fuel tanks, mud and makeshift armour plates also using the excellent ancient ruins bases and parts from scibor.

Here is the 1750pt list, and a few notes on it's composition:

Master of ravenwing landspeeder
Interrogator chaplain, termintor armour

Terminator squad (5) assault cannon, lightning claws

Ravenwing attack squadron (6), MM attack bike, 2x flamer, meltabombs

Ravenwing attack squadron (6), MM attack bike, 2x flamer, meltabombs

Ravenwing attack squadron (6), MM attack bike, 2x flamer, meltabombs

Fast attack
Speeder typhoon
Speeder typhoon
MM speeder

Heavy support

A few thought on this list:
Scoring, fearless scouts on bikes? yes please. The fact that the attack bikes are also 'scouts', can operate independantly from the squad and still count as scoring makes them miles more useful than Attack bikes in vanilla bike squads. You can really get that multimelta to where it's needed, without wasting the rest of the squads firepower.
14/14/10 TL HB, TL AC speeder is awesome.
The typhoons on the ravenwing speeders are better at the anti-infantry role i intend for them (and are 1/4 of the price) than in codex space marines.
After some research, im still looking for something to tell me i can't drop a teleport homer on a scout move - it says in the DA codex that you can't make a turbo boost in a scout move, but nothing about teleport homers. In the rule book it says that a scout move is a normal movement action taken exactly as in the movement phase, and dropping a beacon is done in the movement phase as far as i can tell, never having used one. This is a tempting strategy to use, considering the deathwing assault rule, so i'd really appreciate peoples thoughts on this, and evidence either way.
Flamers and whirlwind are there for clearing enemy squads out of cover, and because they fit nicely with the theme. Melta bombs give the fast moving bikes a little anti-tank threat.

This is exactly the sort of army i love playing - something requiring finesse and a considered and deliberate application of force.
Anyway, i'll be talking plenty more about this army as i put it together. Today i started working on my Raptors Terminators:

These were made from the black reach terminators and all manner of bits dug out of my bitz box. Still got one to make when i get a pair of lightning claws.

Staying with space marines, i have some conversions for sale on Ebay. I don't need them for my bike army, so i've decided to find them a new home.

I like this one the best :)

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