Novamarines Tactical Part 2

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A quick look at the progress of the tactical squad.
I'm probably about halfway done. The base coat is on and im moving through the squad doing the main coat at the moment.

Novamarines Tactical squad. Part1

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Time to present part one of another commission. From the same client as my recent rhino i've been asked to put together and paint a tactical squad, again in novamarines colours.
I had built and sprayed these on moday evening, but couldn't get to a working computer (long story) Until now. As a result these pics are a day or so old, and i have started the base coats since then. Anyway heres how they looked yesterday!

The photos aren't the best. I took them hastily, but you get the idea. Rest assured the photos of the finished miniatures will be more comprehensive.

On a slightly related note, i have been asked a few questions regarding my marines and how i build them. I intend to address these questions in the form of a tutorial (with photos) in the very near future.... i'm really busy but it's on my to-do list so i should be able to get round to that soon.
More Novamarines photos in the next day or so.
Thanks for reading

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