Novamarines Tactical squad. Part1

Wednesday, 4 August 2010 , Posted by President Evil at 09:55

Time to present part one of another commission. From the same client as my recent rhino i've been asked to put together and paint a tactical squad, again in novamarines colours.
I had built and sprayed these on moday evening, but couldn't get to a working computer (long story) Until now. As a result these pics are a day or so old, and i have started the base coats since then. Anyway heres how they looked yesterday!

The photos aren't the best. I took them hastily, but you get the idea. Rest assured the photos of the finished miniatures will be more comprehensive.

On a slightly related note, i have been asked a few questions regarding my marines and how i build them. I intend to address these questions in the form of a tutorial (with photos) in the very near future.... i'm really busy but it's on my to-do list so i should be able to get round to that soon.
More Novamarines photos in the next day or so.
Thanks for reading

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