Fuegan for sale

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I'm currently selling this phoenix lord Fuegan miniature, painted to a very high standard as can be seen in these pictures.

Check out the Ebay auction here.

I've been using Fuegan in a few games and he's served me well. Although he functions well enough in a squad of fire dragons, my favorite use for him was with a unit of 5 wraithguard and a conceal warlock with singing spear. These guys can zip around in a wave serpent and cause some serious hurt when they jump out. They cut through vehicle squadrons with ease and can hold their own against anything. Despite the high points cost, this unit has turned the tide of battle for me many times. Once it hits the enemy lines, little will stand in its way. So there you have it. Buy Fuegan, try it out for yourself!

Autarch Conversion

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This is a model i kitbashed a couple of weekends ago. I decided one games night that i wanted a winged autarch and found these parts in my bitz box.
Its an old style banshee body (when they had laspistols), a banshee exarch mirrorsword arm, half a spider exarch deathspinner, old style hawk exarch wings, a couple of plastic parts from the guardian boxset for the mandiblasters and ammo belt thing. a plastic dire avenger exarch helmet, and a couple of feather plumes from an empire box (dont remember which). most people dont bother with autarchs, but i think they are cheap and versitile. With the 2 S6 shots from the deathspinner it can harm rear armour and with the hawk squad lay down a decent amount of firepower. the +1 to reserves is handy and she's no close combat slouch. 6 power weapon attacks on the charge at I6 is pretty good, even if only at strength 3. The loadout i use is 115 points.

An introduction.....

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Hello! My name is Rich. I've been playing 40k on and off since about '95. I have had a go at collecting a few different armies over the years. After my most recent hiatus I have returned with an eldar army and over the last few months I've been collecting, painting and playing some games to get reaquainted with the rules in 5th. While drafting out some new army lists last week I hit upon an interesting challenge: constructing a decently competative 1500 point list that will fit in a standard gw case. 1500 points just happens to be my favoured points value. It tends to create fast, flowing games. 1.5k lists are well balanced and require careful construction. So, to add a little spice to the proceedings I decided to fit this new list into my spare standard GW case. I have about 4000 points of eldar so to build a single case army i had to think about what would actually fit, as well as building something fun to use. So without further delay, here's the list:

Farseer - guide & doom, spirit stones
Autarch - death spinner, power weapon, mandiblasters, swooping hawk wings.

Howling banshees (6) - exarch, executioner, acrobatic, warshout
Fire dragons (6) - exarch, DB flamer

Dire avengers (10) - exarch, bladestorm
Wave serpent, EML, shuriken cannon, spirit stones
Pathfinders (6)
Jetbikes (4) - shuriken cannon

swooping hawks (5) - exarch, hawks talon. skyleap, intercept

Falcon - scatter laser, holofield, spirit stones
Falcon - scatter laser, holofield, spirit stones

1501 points.
And yes.... It fits like a glove into my case, including all bases, templates, dice and books needed to use the army in a game.
My first game went well. I played Andy, a Imperial Guard player. My superior speed and mobility proved too much and i won 6 kilpoints to 4.

Special cases recommends: