Autarch Conversion

Thursday, 22 April 2010 , Posted by President Evil at 10:19

This is a model i kitbashed a couple of weekends ago. I decided one games night that i wanted a winged autarch and found these parts in my bitz box.
Its an old style banshee body (when they had laspistols), a banshee exarch mirrorsword arm, half a spider exarch deathspinner, old style hawk exarch wings, a couple of plastic parts from the guardian boxset for the mandiblasters and ammo belt thing. a plastic dire avenger exarch helmet, and a couple of feather plumes from an empire box (dont remember which). most people dont bother with autarchs, but i think they are cheap and versitile. With the 2 S6 shots from the deathspinner it can harm rear armour and with the hawk squad lay down a decent amount of firepower. the +1 to reserves is handy and she's no close combat slouch. 6 power weapon attacks on the charge at I6 is pretty good, even if only at strength 3. The loadout i use is 115 points.

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