Fuegan for sale

Friday, 23 April 2010 , Posted by President Evil at 14:34

I'm currently selling this phoenix lord Fuegan miniature, painted to a very high standard as can be seen in these pictures.

Check out the Ebay auction here.

I've been using Fuegan in a few games and he's served me well. Although he functions well enough in a squad of fire dragons, my favorite use for him was with a unit of 5 wraithguard and a conceal warlock with singing spear. These guys can zip around in a wave serpent and cause some serious hurt when they jump out. They cut through vehicle squadrons with ease and can hold their own against anything. Despite the high points cost, this unit has turned the tide of battle for me many times. Once it hits the enemy lines, little will stand in its way. So there you have it. Buy Fuegan, try it out for yourself!

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