Commission Work

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I am happy to accept commission work.
I will take on any task, be it painting a single miniature or an enitirely converted army. As a general rule i will ask for the price of the model + 50% and agree a deadline with you before any money is changed hands. The transaction is done through ebay for your security and peace of mind, and the only money i will ask for upfront is the price of the models.
Services i can offer are:
Very high standards of painting, conversion work, kitbashed/customised models, custom sculpting, magnetised weapons/variants, forge world items, freehand decals & designs, advanced painting techniques (NMM, blended highlights, weathering etc).
The entire project will be featured on my blog so you can check on the progress of your army, and engage in ongoing discussion with me to ensure it exactly matches your specifications.
Contact me now to discuss an order, prices and timescales.
Ebay account: parx-wdz, email: or leave me a message on my blog.

Special cases recommends: