Novamarines Rhino Day 1

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The other day i recieved a commission for a Rhino In Novamarines Colours. I was looking forward to attempting the interesting but tricky colourscheme. Painting Armour is always fun so when i recieved the rhino on friday morning i set about building it straight away, sprayed it and left it overnight.

The client had requested that i paint the interior so i decided to add a little extra interior detail to give me something to paint :)

I felt inspired to make a little custom razorback turret with a few of the spare parts:

A few spare rhino and landspeeder parts there. It wasn't requested by the client, just a little extra bonus i've thrown in.

So here is the progress after doing a few hours on it today. Still have plenty to do but its looking good so far.

The turrets and hatch can be swapped out as i haven't glued them.
Thats all for now.

Ravenwing update - Speeder & bike squad

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Time to post an update on my ravenwing army. I've not really done alot of hobby in the last month, but i got these models finished just before i had some time off and never posted them.
So here they are:

First is a landspeeder:

There a few finishing touches still to add, and the base needs finishing, but i'm happy so far.
When putting together this army i had 2 types of landspeeder: the one from the ravenwing box set and the new type one that you get when you buy one on their own.
And seriously, the one in the ravenwing box is horrible! Don't get me wrong, the box is still a great bargain, but the new style one actually fits together... i had to melt the top piece on one of them because it was so mis-shapen, and almost all of them needed alot of putty work. The ones out of the solus landspeeder box were a joy, the complete opposite. The majority of it snap-fits and it's a much better design.
Anyway, the next thing, a bike squad:

I would consider these my tabletop quality. I didn't really take too long on them, spent the most time trying to get the black how i wanted.
Hope you like them.

Blood angels captain for sale

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Blood angels captain for sale as part of my moving house clearout. As usual i just picked out a load of parts i liked and built this guy.

Auction is here.

Space Wolf Auctions

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Ok, i'm back from my hiatus, although i am moving home in a couple of weeks. So there won't be alot of time for hobby until i'm in my new place. I will have a big new room to use as a studio so i'm sure i will be spending alot of time in there!

Moving home means it's time to clear out a load of bits and unfinished models that i just won't get round to using.
So first up to find a new home is the space wolves i built a while back.

Blood claws

Love some of the poses on these guys. Each one has a different head and all bar the wolfguard have suitably angry looking bare (helmet-less) heads. I am pleased with the individuality of each model and could imagine naming them all if i were to paint them....

Auction is here.

Grey hunters squad 1:
This is a squad of 8 Grey hunters (7 and 1 wolfguard).
More really individual looking models here. The guy on the right in the pic (with the big knife) is one of my favorite marines that i have built recently.
One guy at the back has a plasma gun. As with the bloodclaws i have tried to avoid repetition of parts throughout the squad.

Auction is here

Grey hunters Squad 2
A squad of seven this time. 1 Wolfguard & 6 wolves. One has a melta gun. Slightly less individuality in this squad, but still a couple of cool looking models in there. Not to mention that frost axe!

Auction is here.

Finally the Wolf Lord and bodyguard.
Had give the boss a pair of wolf claws. Also alot of little touches like the helmet on his belt and various wolf tokens about.
The other guys have old beardy faces to emphasise their veteran status.

Auction is here.

Special cases recommends: