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Wednesday, 5 May 2010 , Posted by President Evil at 12:22

Firstly a big thanks for those following and reading my posts in my first couple of weeks of special cases. I'm really encouraged by people finding enjoyment or inspiration in my work. That's exactly the reason i started my 40k blog in the first place. To those people i would also say, keep watching this page, as i have plenty of models to photograph and upload, hopefully more commissions, as well as starting my ravenwing army (when it finally arrives) so there will plenty of regular updates still to come. Also, special mention to my new friend Lucio, who has given me my first commission since starting this blog.
Here are some pictures, i would consider it roughly half-finished, but here are some pictures to see how its going.

Freehand on the left arm needs touching up still and there are plenty of details to paint as well as a bit of weathering to do. For the record, i have charged the rock-bottom price of £10 to paint this model, i will continue to charge very low prices for commission work for the time being. Consider it an introductory offer of sorts. I am in need of up-to-date feedback and the opportunity to continue with this hobby i love while i go through a few financial difficulties in the real world. Commission work is always done to the best of my ability regardless of what i am charging.
Sorry, enough shameless self-promotion :)
Painting this dread brought back lots of memories of my first experiences of tabletop gaming and painting miniatures. It was sometime in about '95. It was blood angel space marines, i remember seeing one of my friends with some little tanks and model soldiers and was hooked from then. I went out and got a few plastic marines, and not knowing how i was supposed to go about painting them, i used my dads tamiya paints to make them red (i was about 11). They didn't look good! How appropriate then, that the first commission job through this website should also be blood angels. I don't think i've painted a red space marine since those days, but it's definately inspired me to get a blood angel codex, so there may be more red marines to come in the not-too-distant future.

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