Finished Dreadnought

Friday, 7 May 2010 , Posted by President Evil at 00:20

Hello! Its been a few days of hard work, but the blood angels dreadnought is finished. Wow, its been so long since i painted a dreadnought and i have to say, they're alot of fun. It Makes a change from my recent eldar army to have lots of square armour plates and metal bits to paint. I hope my client is happy with it and it wreaks some havoc on the battlefield with the rest of his army.

I'm pleased with it, theres a whole lot of detail. I think the freehand emblems came out well. The close up of the leg shows the effort put into the mud, scratches and weathering. The legs are dirtier and dustier than the torso to make it look like he's been stomping across a battlefield. Well, like i said: i had alot of fun painting it!

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