Why should imperial tanks have all the fun?

Thursday, 29 April 2010 , Posted by President Evil at 08:53

Interesting one, this.... weathered eldar tanks. So i was looking at my almost finished wave serpent yesterday. i was happy with the paint job, but something just wasn't looking right. You, guessed it, too clean. My army is normally full mech (bar pathfinders) and so i had no problems leaving my troops without weathered armour and battle damage - they just get out, kill and (hopefully) get back in again. It did get me thinking though... what about the transports? I know they are protected by force fields and what-have-you, but surely dirt and dust would find its way to the vents, surely mud would get splashed up from being at the back of a convoy, or having shells explode nearby. Surley when you pop the rear door to unload the passengers, it would get muddy, or attract small arms fire. Well... i don't really know the answer, but what i do know, is that you don't see weathered eldar very often and trying to rough up a serpent would be fun. Here are the W.I.Ps, there is still quite alot of detail to do, bits to highlight and gems to paint, but this gives an idea of what it might look like :)
I'm really interested to know what people think about this so far, and about the idea of weathering eldar in general.

Also - games night in bournemouth tonight. 6pm at the premier inn opposite the pavillion!

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