Quick update: that spare Dreadnought

Monday, 26 April 2010 , Posted by President Evil at 16:54

I plan on talking about space marines soon, as i am drawing to the end of my eldar army target for now and have a new marine project waiting in the wings. Before i get onto that, however, i have to clear out some old stuff. So this plastic dreadnaught is for sale on Ebay. Its got some great battle damage modelled on, a nice base with some imperial bits, a few extra parts, gaps filled, weapons drilled, mold lines cleaned etc. Basically ready to paint. Incidentally if anyone wants it painted, i'll do it in whatever army colours and will paint on the required logos and weathering if desired. Or you can just take it off my hands and clear me a little space :)
Here are some pics:

Pictures came out a bit blue though...

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