...and again with the Novamarines (part 4)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010 , Posted by President Evil at 16:08

Okay, 5 done and 5 more almost done.
For a combination of reasons this has taken sligtly longer than expected.
On the Sergeant i have added a few extra details of the level that i would normally reserve for 'display' models. They didn't really come out too well in the pictures - my picture taking skills and equipment still need work, but hopefully the client will appreciate the realistic shading and detailed scratches and weathering on parts of this model. Going into this level of detail on every model was a job beyond the agreed scope and timescale of this commission though. The Sgt is a bit of a centerpiece model for the unit so i threw in some bonus brushwork, contributing to the delay.

Moving to my new home has taken up a large amount of my spare time. I couldn't put it off long enough to complete this project before i had to start moving and my desks and modelling stuff is literally being packed the moment i've finished! This also has caused me to be taking a litlle longer than planned. So My next post will be the finished squad and then after an inevitable couple of weeks of disruption and settling in, i'll be back with some more detailed posts.

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