Novamarines Rhino Part 2

Wednesday, 28 July 2010 , Posted by President Evil at 08:54

Hello again. I meant to put this post up last night but i was busy and it got late. So first thing in the morning it is then.
Basically i'm moving into the final stage and i hope to have it finished today, leave it overnight to dry properly and ship it 2moro.
Here are some pics:

So the main coat is done.

Weathering and highlights are done. Still work to be done on tidying the freehand.

Still a few little details to paint, like the purity seals.

Fair amount of tidying up on the rear door. The inside is painted, but it was too dark to get a good picture. I'll be sure to take one when it's finished.

Got the razorback parts to finish. That's basically it. I am aiming to have it finished today so that i can give it a light coat of varnish tonight and have it dry ready to be sent to it's new home 2moro.
More later...........

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