Space marine conversions for sale

Thursday, 13 May 2010 , Posted by President Evil at 23:25

As bits mountain continues to shrink, i keep coming across parts that inspire conversion ideas, and me being me, I tend to build them. I build far more models than i can possibly hope to paint at the moment, so they are being auctioned. Have a look:

The deathwatch kill team:

They are all different chapters, with poses indicating a personality or 'class' that suits their background:

The Space wolf leader.

A raptor legion sniper/scout type

A kind of badass gunner - has a blank shoulderpad but i would imagine imperial fists or something 'fist' based.

Blood angels assaulty, agressive one. He's my favorite. classic deathwatch look :)

Oh and the smurf. A 'by the book' engineer/tactician sort of guy. Hes got a little servo-skull buddy on his base.

The action is Here.

Next is an apothecary on bike. I was going to use this, but now maybe not. I have the parts to make another anyway.

Auction here

A techmarine

Doubled up the rear wheel to make it look a bit more hardwearing as i imagine a techmarines bike would be and put a fuel tanks and various pouches and accessories around.

Auction is here.

more to follow...

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