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Leman Russ finished pics

Posted by President Evil on Wednesday, 13 October 2010 , under , , | comments (0)

Here are the finished pictures of the Vostroyan leman russ. In all my excitement at how well it turned out, i forgot to attach the optional accessories for the photos - the hatch weapon, searchlight etc.... and now its dark and my photos don't come out properly at night :) As i'm shipping it to the client tomorrow, i may not have time to take any more photos of it, but i'll try and get one final pic with those parts attached.

So here it is:

Vostroyan Leman russ WIP

Posted by President Evil on Sunday, 10 October 2010 , under , , , | comments (0)

I've been working on this commission peice for a while. I have had a number of setbacks along the way, but now it is all going smoothly and i would say i am at least halfway finished, probably more, after a couple of days of painting.

Note that the turret is just resting on top in this pic, so that's why it looks a bit wonky. Painting and shading it with the airbrush this time has been fantastic. I invested in an Iwata Brush and compressor and after some experimentation i have found that my vallejo paints seemed to go through it the best. I've got so many paints from different ranges that it's hard to justify trying any more than the ones i already own.

Here are some pics of the magnetised parts.

I have magnetised the dozer blade, the choice of hatch weapons, the searchlight and the tank commander. When i was asked for a quote for this job, i assumed it would be the new style leman russ kit, with all the weapon options that comes inside, so i was planning to build the tank to have interchangable weapons. Unfortuantely when the box arrived at my door it turned out to be the old style one which basically has no weapon options, not even sponson weapons. So i was a little dissapointed and had to modify my quote. Still, i was looking forward to playing with magnets, so that's what i did :)

I'm back and a new commission

Posted by President Evil on Saturday, 18 September 2010 , under , , , | comments (0)

After a few weeks of moving house, building furniture and generally settling in to my new home im back on the blog. I'm as busy as ever and my business is generating alot of work. I do intend to spend some time on my Blog when i get the chance, renovating and uploading some of my older work.

But for now here is my latest commission. 5 Dark Angels Veterans.

More from me soon :)

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